Half a million lids!

3rd September 2019

Over 500, 000 lids collected!

Tim Miller recently established a 100% volunteer project called Lids4Kids and invited all Australians to collect and donate their plastic bottle lids to support a not-for-profit (Envision) in making 3D-printed hands for kids with limb differences.
The response has been simply incredible. Lids4Kids quickly developed into a national group of volunteer regional coordinators who have already rescued over 500,000 lids from landfill!

“Half a million! This is more than double what I was hoping Lids4Kids could collect when we put a bucket at our Little Street Library just two months ago!”

Schools, hospitals, youth groups, cafes, businesses and families nationwide have been involved in the collection. Lids4Kids now comprises nearly 10,000 official collectors, thousands of public collection points, hundreds of town coordinators and over 30 regional coordinators who generously give up much of their time to manage Lids4Kids groups covering every region in Australia. Mr Miller is overwhelmed by the public support.

“Lids4Kids has grown so big, so fast; we’re now committed to rescuing every plastic lid from landfill nationwide. The social and environmental impact has been immense and Lids4Kids is now investigating new uses for all the plastic lids!”

The group is asking its volunteers to help suggest new ways to use the lids as they re-purpose the rescued plastic into material for 3D printing and moulding. The lids are collected, sorted, washed and turned into plastic pellets. Those plastic pellets are made freely available to not-for-profit groups with the excess possibly going to like-minded plastics manufacturers with a good environmental record to be made into sustainable products that improve the lives of children. This could range from small educational tools and playground equipment to ideas for assistive devices or even replacement fence posts for farmers after bushfires. The possibilities are endless!

Now that Lids4Kids is being registered as its own charity, Tim Miller will look to collaborate with plastic lid manufacturers, the suppliers of products with plastic lids, and local governments involved with plastic lid waste collection and disposal to contribute funding for Lids4Kids and not-for-profit groups to purchase the necessary to process these lids into new products.

“We’ve got thousands of school kids, parents and grandparents volunteering their own time to save these lids from going to landfill. We expect that they’ll rescue millions upon millions more and keep tonnes of plastic from harming the environment.


I hope that we can get support from the plastics and beverage industries and government to help turn these lids into sustainable products that benefits all Aussie kids.”

Tim Miller

Founder & National Coordinator

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Tim Miller

Founder and National Coordinator

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