10 Tips for Collecting 

Join your local Lids4Kids Group to see where your closest public collection point is (please Do Not create your own local group)


Print the Lids4Kids Flyer & Eligible Lids List and stick them on an old bucket or box.


Take a pic of your collection container with your family, team or community group and share it on your Facebook page, Lids4Kids Group and your local community pages to let everyone know what you are doing (include links to the Lids4Kids Group and Envision Hands www.envision.org.au)


Get collecting! Ask your friends, family, workplace colleagues, local cafes, schools or sports clubs to collect their plastic bottle lids for you.


Sort all your eligible donated lids, wash them, remove any seals and put them in a box. Please put your bread clips in a separate bag.


Please remember that Envision Hands can only use lids from milk, water and soft drink bottles that have recycling code 2 or 4.


When your box is full, ask a volunteer to deliver them to your closest Lids4Kids public collection point.


If your town doesn't have a public collection point or your town collection point is too far away, consider starting one at your workplace 


Share lots of progress pics on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) using #Lids4Kids


Ask everyone who collects lids for you to donate to the Envision Hands project so that they can buy bigger newer machines to process the millions of lids that are now coming in! www.gofundme.com/envision-hands

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