What are the lids used for?

3D-printed mobility aids for kids

Lids4Kids is a 100% volunteer initiative that aims to save plastic lids from going to landfill, into our waterways, and spoiling native habitats.

But did you know that those tiny lids can also have a big impact on a kid's life? It takes just 500-800 lids to create a 3D-printed mobilty aid for a child born without a hand or limb. 

Aussies on board

In July 2019, ABC News ran a story on Lids4Kids and how Tim 'Holden' Miller started a grassroots community initiative that has inspired Aussies and taken off nation-wide. 

Check it out and see how your tiny lids can change lives 

Buckets, boxes, trailers and trucks (and Holdens!)

Once lids are cleaned, dried and sorted into colours by our wonderful volunteers, they are counted and then boxed up to be transported to Envision Hands, a not-for-profit organisation in Victoria. 

All this happens through a network of people and businesses volunteering their trucks, trailers and time, as well as storage facilities to store boxes of lids until they are able to be processed.  


Filament to final product

Lids are shredded and then fed through an extruder that produces an ink-like filament. That filament is then used in conjunction with 3D software to print mobility aids for kids.


All mobility aides are donated without any cost to the families of children in need.

Little Batman Fan

The Morning Show's 'Daily Edition' featured a story about a little Batman fan who received an aide from Envision Hands.

Check out the video and see what an amazing impact Lids4Kids and Envision are having on children's lives - and how you can help. 

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