What is Lids4Kids?

The Holden Rally Team - Lids4Kids is coordinating the nationwide #Lids4Kids Project, collecting plastic bottle lids that can be turned into hand and arm mobility aids for children.

We welcome anyone wishing to assist us with collecting plastic bottle lids! Please let us know if your cafe, workplace, school, sporting club, scout group or community group would like to be listed as a public collection point. Once collected, all lids will be washed, sorted and sent to Envision Hands in Werribee Victoria.


Thank you very much for your generous support with helping the environment, kids with disability, and Envision providing employment for disadvantaged people.

"It ticks all the three boxes for us — it helps out with the environment, it helps out kids with a disability, and the other thing I like about it is that the group employs disadvantaged people." 


Tim Holden Miller – Founder of Lids4Kids

Our Mission

Lids4Kids is a 100% volunteer project established to rescue every recyclable lid from landfill and protect our environment from plastic waste.


Our Vision

Lids4Kids hopes to empower kids in every local community to lead the collection and recycling of all lids into products that benefit disadvantaged kids.

We'd Love Your Support

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Tim Miller

Founder and National Coordinator

PO Box 555 Jamison ACT 2614